S&K Machineworks & Fabrication, Inc. Coating Capabilities:


·         (2) 20,000 sq-ft. sandblasting yards

·         Variety of blast media, including:

o       Aluminum Oxide

o       Copper Slag

o       Sand

o       Steel Grit



·         Skilled personnel

·         2400 sq-ft. coating facility

·         Application methods include:

o       Airless

o       Agitated Airless

o       Conventional

o       Roller

o       Brush

·         Common coating materials include:

o       Self-cured inorganic zinc epoxy

o       Polyamide epoxy

o       Aliphatic polyurethane

o       Organic zinc-rich epoxy

o       Zinc Silicate

o       Cycloaliphatic Amine Epoxy

o       Epoxy-phenolic primers

o       Aluminum epoxies


Quality Assurance:

·         CHLOR*TEST™ chloride, sulfate, and nitrate salt contamination testing

·         Air cleanliness testing per ASTM D4285

·         Surface preparation inspection per SSPC-SP 5, SSPC-SP 6, SSPC-SP 7, SSPC-SP 10, and SSPC-SP 11

·         Periodic environmental check via sling psychrometer

·         Dry Film Thickness inspection per SSPC-PA 2

·         Adhesion Testing per ASTM D3359 & ASTM D4541

·         Holiday Testing per NACE SP0188